Boral Standard Core
Boral Standard Core

BORAL StandardCORE is an interior wall and ceiling lining product, with significant properties for durability and stability. BORAL StandardCORE is composed of a gypsum plaster core encased in heavy-duty face and backing liner. The product is environmentally friendly, and non-hazardous to work with.


Boral Standard Core is a versatile and modern interior lining product, 12.5mm thick and in a wide variety of sizes. Boral Standard Core can be fixed to timber, metal framing and masonry walls, while providing an economic yet high quality finish to any interior project.


Physical Properties : Features & Benefits : Application :
Thickness : 9.5mm, 12.5mm, 16mm  *Economical 
*Edge profiles - Recessed or Square Edge 
*Internal wall and ceiling applications 
*Standard Residential 
*Commercial Construction 


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